Cyber Europe 2020

Preparing healthcare sector to respond to cyber crises

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The scenario

Cyber secure healthcare

Cyber Europe 2020 planners developed a scenario revolving around Healthcare which can include, Ministries of Health, hospitals, clinics, labs, eHealth service providers with potential impacts in other sectors.

The scenario will contain real life inspired technical incidents to analyse, from forensic and malware analysis, open source intelligence, and of course non-technical incidents.

The incidents will build up into a crisis at all levels: local, organization, national, European. Business continuity plans and crisis management procedures will be put at test.

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About CE

Cyber Europe exercises

Cyber Europe is a series of pan-European exercises aimed at testing cybersecurity, business continuity and crisis management capabilities. The exercise is organised by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) since 2010.

The Cyber Europe exercises are simulations of large-scale cybersecurity incidents that escalate to become cyber crisis. The exercises take place once every two years.

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The last exercise in the series, Cyber Europe 2018, involved approximately

900 participants

from across Europe


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